One-on-one hand analysis meeting

Two to three and a half hours meeting, unfolding a map of innate talents, as well as the most significant experiences since birth, and how these events influence our attitude and behavioral patterns. Provides awareness and tools to better improve your life.

The analysis is not intended to replace treatment, but to provide tools and guidance for self-development.

Advantages of the Biometric Hand Analysis include:

  • A deep understanding of the self, as well as recommendations for personal growth and development.
  • Speaks not only about the ‘what’, but also explains the ‘why‘.
  • Raising awareness and provides helpful tools and recommendations.
  • Dismisses the client from explaining about him or herself.
  • The analysis is audio recorded to allow for multiple hearing and enhanced insights.


Lectures / workshops

To learn more about the Biometric hand Analysis and special elements we see in the hands, contact us for a unique and interactive lecture.

the sleeping baby book

The starting point of Biometric Hand Analysis is that “getting it right” as parents takes about as much effort as getting it wrong. The Sleeping Baby Book provides one emotionally healthy method to help parents “get it right”


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